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Default Holiday Weekend Exchange and fear of abusive language

X wants a portion of the holiday weekend.

There is no stipulation or agreement on a holiday schedule, nor is there a court oder for a holiday schedule at this time. Moreover, X has rejected all holiday schedule proposals (50/50) in the last 6 months.

I have compromised and agreed to a portion of the weekend anyway, and for the children's best interests despite the fact the "regular" weekend" is assigned to me.

I have also requested a third-party pick-up based on history. There has only been one exchange between X and I, and it did not go well. X shouted and swore that was quite audible despite the double sets of doors between us.

We have met face-to-face once since without legal third parties in place, and it was brutal (similarly brutal with third parties present): X hovered over me, invaded my personal space, shouted at me, made allegations that were unfounded, caused legal discourse, and finally swore at me as I ended it and walked away from the heated situation. All this in front of an (insignificant) audience. A neighbour of mine caught up to me after witnessing it and asked about it.

For the holiday weekend pick-up, I obviously felt the need to once more request a third-party pick-up in an attempt to lessen the children's expose of undue distress (that X would have control over afterwards). X (again in "perfect writing") ensures there will be no trouble and that I am making a big deal out of nothing..

I've called police to seek advice. I've spoken to a counsellor through a hotline. I've emailed my lawyer. I've called Victim Services and left a message. I've called CAS and left a message. I've called friends and banged on my neighbours' doors to protect myself and to ensure the exchange goes smoothly (X will only behave when there is a noteworthy and beneficial audience, but that "should be" okay, right?, if the children will benefit from it?).

Over and over I have implored / begged for a third-party pick-up during the holiday weekend.. X is adamant that "X" will do the pick-up, despite the lack of cordiality in recent past.

I am concerned about the outcome for everyone involved. Help?
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