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I agree! I don't think $50 should be an issue. The fear the payer has is with the recipient honouring her word not to increase. It's $50 this time next time could be $200.

I only mentioned the access because respecting the court order was mentioned. Was trying to give an example of the past. Access is no longer an issue as the payer has given into the recipients demands in order to spare the child any hardship.

I do appreciate the advice and will pass it on to the payer. My comments and answers to questions are merely to further debate the issues. The more opinions and info the better informed in making a decision.

There will be no court action on the payers part however. He is happy to leave things status quo as per s7 and increase the cs as required

Like most people when someone threatens court he feels uneasy about the idea and doesn't want the fight. He went down this road not too long ago to try to gain more access and didn't like the emotional toll it took in him or his child.

I apologize if I veared off subject. Wasn't trying to vent, just provide as much info as possible to gain informed feedback.

This is a mess indeed and a headache for the payer. Unfortunately he's been drafted in a player in a game he dleant want to play and there's no real instructions. His experience has been that no matter what he does he loses either way. He's tried being submissive and giving in to keep the peace. It resulted in being taken advantage of and much disappointment.

This poorly worded court order replaced an even worse outdated order. This new order came about after the payer attempted to gain more time with his child. The recipient answered to the tune if $17k of supposed arrears of which she got nothing because none of it was valid.

Court, threats and even lawyers are daunting. He just wants to support his child and spend time with her without the all the complications while maintaining some mutual respect. Hopefully with all these opinions avf advice he gained here he will be one step closer.

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