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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Another question is: is there an item in the agreement on s7 being agreed to by payer? If yes and payor agreed, then these arent surprises. In my opinion, if you know its going to be difficult to agree to costs, there should be an agreement on what child gets registered in yes?

All the order states is that the payer is to remit $158 per month for s.7 expenses. They talked about being specific, as we are suggesting now, but the payer was trying to be agreeable and cooperative. The transcripts show that the payer had concerns about the recipient being able to have free rein in regards to the costs for activities. The judge indicated that although the recipient would have the choice as to what the child participated, she would not be able to exceed $316 per month of which half or $158 per month would be the payers share. The recipient agreed to take responsibility for any costs exceeding this amount. This is all in the transcripts mind you. The judge didn't include these details in the order.
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