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My kids aren't anxious - its their "life" with their mother. She acts loving and is loving to some extent but the reality is she is a volatile personality and you basically have to walk on eggshells around her - you never know what will set her off. I did that, now my kids have too.

I spoke to child services they said unless the kids are scared to go back and that they didn't actually get hurt they didn't think it was a good idea (the person had the perspective that it was overkill).

They suggested I speak to a public service type psychologist with the local clinic about what to do (which I will do).

My kids around me are ok, they're pretty mature and they see things for what they are and they know her behavior is inappropriate but at the same time I feel like they sort of feel stuck, they love her but they don't like it and the reality is I can't do anything about it....

I can't say the kids are doing anything major that I'd consider a sign of problems but if my kids complain about something, I take it seriously, analyze it and check it out.

My kids manipulating me - I doubt it; they actually don't want me to do anything. They also gain nothing from me from talking about their mother... I have a pretty strict non-involvement policy unless its something i consider major (3 weeks kids being cared by uncle and grandmother for example, or knife throwing). I also don't comment on her, or what she does as a matter of course.

My kids know I don't like her and vice versa (which I think is actually important) but they have no idea to what extent or why and I won't pollute my time with the kids by talking about their mom.etc....

I'll consider speaking to her soon on the topic. I will speak to my kids about her screaming (or not) and I think I might give them some strategies for dealing with it.

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