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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
Should I pull the "you crazy knife throwing bitch my kids need to talk to somebody about your psychoticness?"
I think you know better than to do that. Besides, your children already DO have someone to talk this over with -YOU. If things don't calm down the next time you see them, then you will have little choice but to seek some outside help with this problem.

Just bare in mind, as others have warned you earlier, this could backfire and make things worse for the kids - for sure it will do no good as far as cordial communications with your ex. Tough job being a parent ...

Another thing to consider (and I'm not implying that this is the case here) but many kids will pit one parent against the other, or try to cause drama if they think it will change things. Divorce wreaks havoc with our perceptions .... especially children. Be mindful of how you react when they tell you about stuff like this, they pick up on your worries and may exaggerate.

IMO wait and see what happens - for now at least. Maybe Crazy Ex will get with the program and simmer down.
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