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By legally pursue it - I meant pursue legally the right to get the kids to see a counsellor... I actually don't want any mention of this to a 3rd party (except the psychologist) to ever come from my lips - i want the psych to find out.

I would love for her to take anger management therapy as a start - There is no way on God's green earth I would suggest this to her though.

Funny thing today was that it was my kids photo day and i drop my kids at school on Monday - my ex arranged with my daughter to come over before school this morning to do her hair. My daughter told me but my ex never asked or discussed it with me so basically at 8h15 this morning she texts me to send the kids out (too cold today anyways) but I was in the shower so she just came in the house while i was in the shower and started doing my daughters hair... It was kind of shocking that she has the audacity to do that when she has threatened me more than once to call the police for just being on her property (to pick up the kids...). She never fails to surprise me...

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