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I won't tell her anything first or directly or ever - she is kind of nuts and she will throw a fit if she knows I found out and while she can't do anything to me she will punish the kids.

As for me egging her on or being objective etc.... Its fully possible I am missing something but I asked a lot of details about the incident ( was it an accident, did she REALLY throw it at you, was it a butter knife?, a plastic knife, where were you, did she TRY to hit you etc....) at the end it doesn't seem like it is something else. It was only a one time incident though...

It is very distressing for me to be in this case - I actually told myself when we separated that maybe my ex was so crazy because of me and she'll be better but the reality is that I am a controlling factor, the kids would hide behind me against her rage.

The problem is not only the throwing incidient it is also I am not surprised that she screams at them without restraint and they have nowhere to escape....

I need to get them to see a psych.... the recording stays just for me, I tell the psych what I know.
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