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I'm with you on the video tape. It's not admissible you probably know that. It isn't a video's easily accomplished in an non intrusive manner, you are concerned about your kids and you're afraid nobody believes you (which they won't had it not been recorded).

I have found simply stating something has been recorded gives it 300x more credibility in addressing the issue. The other parent will not so quickly brush it off. I have also found if you have a perpensity to record, miraculously everybody suddenly behaves much more politely.

I am not someone who uses his phone for video or pictures or selfies very much at all...but in dealing with my ex and what my children have reported it has been a god-send. Had this happened even 10 years ago...I think it would be completely different.

Nothing I have record will make it to court or has even been transcribed or even addressed specifically in court documents. But it's changed the nature of the game and the Ex's behavior.

Welcome to the 21st century.
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