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Not really sure what to do....

A few of my concerns are

a) that my ex has basically my children are under threat to never tell me anything that happens when they are under her care. I can never reveal anything I know unless I know something corrective will come of it because it will just result in an escalation - more secrecy, more threats on the children.

b) I don't like the tape recording thing and I just did it to have something documented

c) I am worried to tell child protection and even a psychologist. The throwing knife incident can be interpreted as assault perhaps - do I want to open up that can of worms...

I am leaning towards bringing them to a psychologist but
a) She won't agree - can I bring them anyways on my time?
b) I guess I tell the psychologist my concerns but the psych can't tell my kids that he/she knows through me.

I have a cousin that is a child psychologist I am thinking I should ask....

I don't think the kids were trying to appease me, they don't really care - their answers were nuanced and they were saying "mommy loves us" so it wasn't a mommy bashing session... and sometimes they would say something and when I'd ask them to clarify it would end up being not as bad as they started off by saying.

The reality is probably:
-she threw a knife on purpose at my son
-she screams at them daily and occasionally she will bring them to tears due to the intensity.
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