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I have read many cases where judges are highly critical of parents who tape record children. To what end would you record? It would not be of any evidential value.

When kids go to counsellors/clinicians it isn't for them to "rat" out a parent. Often the child needs reassurance that the problems mom and dad are having are not their fault. I don't have any experience with child protection services (thankfully) but from little I've read on this forum I would think that you would contact those people if your child was in imminent danger and you had absolutely no other options. You can likely afford private counselling services for your kids (and if employed it would likely be covered under your work insurance). Probably the best benefit for you would be to get professional advice for yourself on how to best handle this situation BEFORE you have to call in the child protection services and/or police.

You sound like you are a loving, concerned father who wants what's best for his children. You also have been "around the block" and would know how devastatingly damaging a single inexperienced, but well-meaning, government employee's involvement can impact someone. I'd be very careful before calling in the army. Just talk to a counsellor yourself and see how they recommend you should handle this situation.
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