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Exclamation Words of Caution Before Registering and Posting

What should I consider to help protect myself on Online Message Boards?

  • DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME! Use an alias. An alias can be used instead of your real name when you post a message. An alias without any personally identifiable information is best. For example, instead of ‘tedjones1992london’, try something generic like ‘bluesky50’. **Do not use your real name or your email address** We do not have access to user accounts to change any personal information.

  • Don’t post personal information. Message Boards are public forum, so any personal information posted online could be used by strangers (or ex spouses!) to identify you, your children, family or situation.

  • Ignore. To suppress all messages from a specific person on Ottawa Divorce Forums , add the specific user to your ignore list in your control panel.
ODF Mods and admins generally do not delete threads by request as they often contain valuable information for other members. Please give serious consideration to the information you are posting as to whether you really want it out there *forever*; if it may identify you, your children, spouse or ex spouse in any way; if you may have a change of heart over posting it.

We do not delete threads over bad judgement on behalf of the poster and will edit threads for the purposes of removing any identifying information if necessary and brought to our attention. If you are concerned about your ex finding information you posted and using it against you, don`t post anything that can be used against you!

We do not monitor threads for information that should not be posted and it is incumbent on the individual users to use their discretion when posting about their situation.