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All of this pretrial conference crap I read about is ridiculous.... judges writing notes on the endorsements to leave coded messages to the next judge - just ridiculous IMO. I am still yet to understand WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS IF EVERYONE IS NOT GOING TO COOPERATE AND GIVE FULL DISCLOSURE?????

You have no idea how much I agree with you. Actually you probably do. I'm cognizant there has to be a process but shouldnt both parties at the very least have to disclose everything from the very beginning. The CC judge is supposed to give us an idea of how things may be ruled in a trial? How if one party decides not to disclose? Tayken makes the point of being represented. I get it. It IS the best way. Unfortunately some of us are too rich for LA and to poor for lawyer rates. Its not that we're "choosing" not to be represented. We can't. Simply don't have the resources. Ive been through an EM, a CC and on my way to a SC. Ive seen my daughter 3 hours in well over 3 months. I ask for mediation, ourfamilywizard, disclosure of allegation material on a regular basis. Now they want a 2 hour questioning period and probably plan to throw their materials at me an hour beforehand. Our daughters rights to have both loving parents equally in her life are definitely not at the forefront, sadly.
The process needs reform.

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