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Originally Posted by annapurna66 View Post
I definitely buy into the term legal abuse. Many of the comments on this thread resonate with me. Many people do not qualify for legal aid, simply can not afford a lawyer or are forced to self-represent after spending tens of thousands of dollars in a process that got them nowhere. My opinion and experience has been that the legal system is not about justice at all. It is about who has more money to stall, threaten, delay and basically wear the other party down into submission. Most cases do not go to trial...not because a fair resolution was met but because one of the parties simply gave up. The Family Law system is seriously flawed in my opinion.
Also let's not forget that many people simply do not have the 'stamina' to participate in a never-ending legal tug-of-war ... and as you say: give up before their health and mind break down under the stress.

After spending so much time, energy and money to finally get a fair settlement only to have it disregarded by the same person who agreed to sign it in the first place, is beyond frustrating --- no consequences unless a person is willing to spend yet more time, energy and money to have it enforced (maybe???) that is my definition of legal abuse.
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