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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
To all the ostriches with their head in the sand that say kids will survive divorce - while this is an extreme example I am sure every kid in a reasonably happy hope that goes through divorce faces these types of feelings.

California shootings: Elliot Rodger's revealed as a cripplingly shy boy whose sense of alienation drove him over the edge - Americas - World - The Independent

His parents divorce was no doubt the cause of his underlying sadness, ^ another pair of parents failing to raise their kids.
No Doubt? Really?

Nice leap to a conclusion.

I know it is all too easy to jump to a conclusion based on one vector, but the truth is that life is rarely that simple.

Mental illness, and it probably isn't a leap to suggest that there is some level of mental illness there based on his actions, has many causes. Brain injury, physical trauma, chemical imbalances in the body, inheritence (genetic) all may have a part to play.

And clearly if you actually take the time to read the article, his first instances of feelings of loneliness and inadequacy were while his parents marriage was intact, before the move from England.

I know quite a few people with mental illness. The one that I know who has been physically violent still has both parents in a good marriage.

And ask yourself this - if there is violence in a marriage or even mental abuse, is it better for a child to be exposed to that on an ongoing basis, or would it be better for the child to see that end and a divorce go forward.
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