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Originally Posted by OB1 View Post
My daughter will be attedning university this coming September, I have been paying child support for the last 11 years. She is now 17. My ex wife recenlty got laid off, so she will not be able to contribute to her education. If i agree to pay for her schooling roughlty 12,000-15,000 per year do i still have to pay child support, She will be staying with her mom most of the time. This will be a big issue for me since there is noway in heaven i could afford to pay both.
If the child is attending university and living with her mother more than 60% of the time, your CS obligation will not end. You will also be expected to contribute to her educational expenses as a section 7 extraordinary expense, which means you and your ex pay in proportion to your incomes. Sometimes, the child is expected to pay 1/3 (via part time jobs, scholarships, loans, etc), and the remaining 2/3 is what is shared proportionally by the parents.

Both of you should have been anticipating this extra expense and saving up for it.

The fact that your ex conveniently loses her job around this time apparently makes her expect that her proportion should drop to zero. How is she supporting herself and her child now? Use that severance, or her EI or whatever, as her income for the proportion calculation, at the very least, or impute her former income to her if she now expects a new spouse to support her till she finds a job. You are not an endless source of income, and should not be expected to make up your ex's shortfall for an expense you both prepared for based on your previous incomes.

You might have to tell the daughter, sorry, but due to her mom losing her job, you won't be able to go to university just yet. That's life. If a main breadwinner in an intact family lost their job, you can bet their child's university attendance might have to be put on hold.
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