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My understanding (which could be wrong, as I am not a lawyer but a random stranger on the internet) is that PSE costs are usually divided as follows:
1/3 is the responsibility of the child (through loans, part-time work, or savings
2/3 are split proportionate to income (that is, 2/3 of the cost is a S7 expense). Each parent can use the RESP he or she has been building as his/her contribution to PSE. So your ex needs to spend down hers, not just have everything come out of yours.

I believe that it's legitimate for her to expect you to pay some CS, as she still has the expense of maintaining the home, even if the kids are living elsewhere during the school year, but it is reasonable for this CS to be reduced, as she will not have the operating costs of having the kid in the home (groceries, utilities, etc will be less).
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