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Originally Posted by joblo View Post
I think that if I want to take a few days without kids at home is reasonable
No, it's not. There is more to being a parent than parenting when it is convenient to you.

and since we can't agree on anything I prefer not negotiating which ones with her.
Should you end up in court, this will not look good on you. Courts don't like people who dictate or are unreasonable. By telling your ex what days will you take the kids may be seen as being unreasonable. I would provide the ex with a copy of your schedule as soon as it is received in order to work out a parenting time arrangement. Try and keep it consistent to prior months as that should mitigate arguments.

do I have to pay for kids clothes, extracurricular activities and things like haircuts...?
Clothes are covered in c/s. Back to school clothes at times are found to be s7 expenses, but generally if the payer is paying a miniscule amount, which it doesn't sound like you do. So you are not obligated to pay for clothes and the ex is obligated to provide with clothes for your parenting time.

Extracurricular activities MAY be s7. But they need to be agreed to prior to registration AND the cost must be "extraordinary". Extraordinary will vary family to family based off of household incomes and support paid. But you are talking $50 for a school trip, and you pay $700 a month in C/S, no you don't have to pay.

Haircuts are covered by c/s, plain and simple.
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