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I don't understand why you are not already paying off set... if you have 40% you should be paying offset. The agreement states you can't have more than 40%, but that wouldn't matter anyways because once you hit the 40% mark, that is when offset support usually kicks in... why did you agree to something like that? It is going to be hard to change now, as you can obviously afford to pay full table amount, even when you have over 40%.

I do agree with Stripes, that giving your ex a schedule on the 26th of the month and basically saying in 4 days this is when I am going to have the kids it not an ideal situation and she shouldn't have to cater to your every move. What if she makes plans for the kids and then all the sudden your schedule dictates that you get the kids... do you reimburse her for any lost money?

Honestly from your post it is hard to see what you are even asking for help about... is it the schedule and her wanting you to take the kids when you need down time, is it S7 expenses or is it her talking smack about your new partner?
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