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Default Here's my please

Started cohabiting in in November 2002
Married in January 2004
Separated in March 2011
Divorced in 2012

We have a separation agreement that we signed in 2011.

We have two children in elementary school and have joint custody. The SA says I shall not have the children in my care more than 40%.

I pay full table CS support and mid/high SP. I take them as much as possible depending on my varying work schedule and often exceed 40%.

We share special/extraordinary expenses 70-30, I pay 70%.

Here are the big issues:

My work schedule varies month to month and it is impossible to have fixed days and times when the children come to my house. Every month I produce a schedule and hand it to my ex, usually by the 26th for the following month. There are days when I am not working and that I don't take the children and my ex insists I need to consult with her before handing over the schedule, I do not. My work takes me out of town for 1-6 days at a time so I need days to recharge and have a life and I don't want to negotiate those days with her.

Both support payments are hefty and she also works varying from part time to full time as a teacher. Support payments do not vary based on her income so she does very well. She insists I pay for clothes the children wear when at my house and 70% of the footwear and extracurricular activities and recreational sports, take them for haircuts and to most of the appointments since she schedules or changes them on/to my days. I've told her most of her section 7 claims are bogus but she insist they aren't.

I am in a new relationship and my ex has told the children that they already have enough family members and do not need more and interferes as much as possible in my new life. She has inappropriate conversations with the children about our financial differences and their new extended family. I have asked her to stop many times but she insists she is only protecting her children.

We are going to mediation soon and I have been looking for case law to help me out. If you have any good cases bookmarked that you think could help me out please post them in this thread.

Looking for cases on scheduling, section 7 expenses and inappropriate parenting when it comes to the other parent being in a relationship.

Thanks in advance.
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