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Exactly. Well FRO would work for. Ost of the population. The uncooperative would still be uncooperative. But FRO could spend more time and effort on them. It would be a win win situation for many. You NOA goes down and your CS go down and vice versa.

Its so simple its scary.

But again Family Law and Family finances are not a Revenue stream so they are not interested. I bet if CS wS taxable or tX dedictable the governemt would be very very interested in ensuring it was well accounted for, accurate and uptodate on all accounts.

Still we can dream. In the meantime my daugther CS for the past 2 months has come in odd bits of money on odd days until he paid the full amount 1 day becore the next months was due. He seems to think its funny! And FRO attitude is well at least he paid it!

Oh well. Thats how it rolls.
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