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Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
If FRO was online they could set up a connection. You file your Income tax return and your NOA is sent to FRO who i mediately calculates CS based on both parties income. If you donot file income tax. Penalty
Whoa....transparency - what a novel idea . Last source of income would be a handy detail on the NOA as well.

At the moment we rely on forced cooperation. I imagine that reduces a few instances of default in CS/SS, but it obviously doesn't work on the completely uncooperative.

If FRO were handed the ability to update child support amounts based on NOAs, then, in my opinion, user fees wouldn't be out of line at all. Income could be generated to offset operational costs. Personally, I'd be prepared to pay a fee for that type of automatic service. Support Payors would be too, especially if their SS/CS were being adjusted on the downward scale based on NOA.
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