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Originally Posted by Serene View Post
Karmaseeker - You are distancing yourself from your original post. I personally would like more articulated thoughts and opinions on your letter to Trudeau from others. I couldn't care less about the personal attacks and who's nerve hit who's. We need to augment conversations and do less personal banter if we want to make progress with a political issue.
I take references to Malicious Mothers as personal as men take references to deadbeat dads.

The language is argumentative, inflammatory and alienting. You can't affect change by appealing to the MINORITY. There are men that would agree with this position as well - not just the malicious mothers.

Remove gender and see what's left. Pretty much nothing.

The whole thing is based onone person's personal experience, my personal experience is very different than the one presented. All this letter makes me want to do is write one of my own to present a very different side with very different issues - which aren't gender related, but rather bad parent related.

I think the system needs to change, but continuing to genderize the issues is not going to work, especially if you believe that the system is the way it is because of gender issues. You're replacing one problem with another.
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