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Wow! In all the mud slinging, accusations of gendar biased, choosing the wrong partner, being bitter etc etc are we not forgetting what I think the original poster was trying to say? The system is screwed for everyone. Male, female, child, rich or poor.

When this family law system became part of our lives I had no idea how a big percentage the country were dealing with the aftermath of a failed relationships involving children. I must have been living in a cotton ball! I thought we were doing okay. Had an agreement we could live with after 3 months of lawyers back and forth. Only cost us $12 k. Time to move on? I wish, then the problems start and why? Because we have a flawed system which IMO (and it might not be anything like your opinion and thats okay) comes from the system being in distress because:

A. Provincial support systems that are under funded, totally overwhelmed by the volume of " broken families" all seeking justice and manned by staff who are probably underpaid, under qualified and over stretched in the volume of work thrown at them.
B. A law system which is developed under a common law process. Using previous case law as a basis for decisions. Previous case law often made by Judges who do not understand how the ordinary family functions or survives. They are Gods in their own domain.
C. A world changing so fast our value systems cannot keep up. Divorce was not a norm, nor common law relationships resulting in children when our family support and family law legal systems were put in place. These systems are years behind.
D. Communication channels that are so fast we send emails, texts etc before we have time to calm down and think clearly.
E. Our population is more educated than ever, more affluent that ever yet so many of us make foolish decisions and are overwhelmed financially.

After everyone calms down and stops taking things so personally perhaps we could look at the big picture and discuss how it can be changed.

Personally, I donot think any polictican is going to be able to change much. I think change needs to come from within. Forums such as this certainly help. They provide some reality checks, some sage advice and show both sides of the story.

I do not know how to fix this mess. I always think about the Raging Grannies who sat outside the nuclear first response stations in England to effect change. I am a " Granny". Maybe I need to start raging over the mess our society is in and the effect it will have on our children in future years. Maybe its time to stage a protest. But first we need to stop fighting and come together towards a common goal. Fix the system.
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