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Something to consider:

- Employee disputes are often handled by arbitration. This process can take just as long as family court.
- Legal aid is not the only resource for people going to court. In some provinces the use of Paralegals is encouraged for self-represented.
- Too often self-employed individuals claim unreasonable business expenses and show net income as a loss (very easy to 'write off' your income). Not everyone is an employee. Line 150 for a self-employed individual often comes in at less than minimum wage. Therefore, using a "net income" basis for determining support would not accurately reflect true income.
- ChildView or Divorcemate (commonly-used software in Canada to determine SS) have calculation tables for both with and without children.
- Second families have recognition within their own respective family court cases. Second families are not named in family court cases. The two parties who are going through the divorce, and sometime the children of the marriage, are named. To change this you would have to allow for multiple changes of marriages and additions of many children as there is no law limiting someone from repeatedly marrying, having children and divorcing . This is simply not logical.

The last part of your letter is, in my opinion, simply not worth replying to. It is nothing more than a rant.

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