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Originally Posted by karmaseeker View Post
ps. And the you spelt something wrong argument? Really???
Blame fast typing or auto-correct. Hardly discounts my opinion.
Actually, that's wrong. Using proper grammar and spelling makes your message easier to understand and be taken seriously. A message containing such errors is difficult to figure out and more likely to be dismissed. The quality of an argument is judged partly by the professionalism of its delivery. If someone, especially in a situation that is supposed to be professional, is careless with spelling and grammar, many people don't pay attention to the rest of the ad or letter, assuming that the content is as poor as its appearance.

If you haven't sent it yet, I'd be happy to edit it for you. There were definitely a few places where I stumbled.

Here, please note that I am not judging the content of your message one way or another, just its polish.
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