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arabian will become famous soon enough

Maybe the next time you randomly decide to put ODF on your website you will get the permission of the owner? The reference to ODF gives people the impression that ODF supports your position.

I must have really hit a nerve with you. Your implosive reaction is really quite telling.

I don't think I'm attacking you personally, nor have made false allegations, nor have I slandered you. Now you are accusing me of stalking? How/why on earth would you come to that conclusion?

When you post on a public forum you open yourself up to criticism. Not everyone is going to agree with what you post. I disagree with much of your post. So get over it.

Listing ODF under Members of Parliament is a pathetic attempt to lend credibility to a not-so-credible opinion piece, in my opinion. I admire your moxy for posting your beliefs but would advise that in the future you take more care in "name dropping" and referencing statistics. If you tidied up your article with references it would be taken more seriously.
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