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Wow you women are nasty. And your personal attacks on me are only proving that maliciousness is a characteristic of bitter ex wives.

1. My ex is not a loser. He is a fantastic man and we jointly raise a fantastic child. I'm not a bitter ex.

2. My partners wife cheated on him for a year and a half who ultimately ran off with her lover that then dumped her ass.

3. My partner has fought tooth and nail to keep access to his children because she uses them like pawns.

4. My partner gave her the house, a lump sum spousal settlement, pays cs and never missed a payment, pays majority of day care, extra health expenses, has paid for a skiing allowance even when he lost his job.

So spare me all your presumptions. As you clearly don't have a clue what you are talking about.

If someone wants to logically debate the issues I addressed in a manor that is dignified, logical, and focused feel free to chime in.

Any more personal attacks will not be responded to.
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