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Karmaseeker: Your letter was well written and I commend you for articulating your opinion as you did. I also commend you for doing so with hopes to assist so many that are affected by these laws. We need more people like you.

To everyone else: Opinions are free, as is this forum. We would do ourselves and each other a service if we were to critically analyse letters/posts as these as opposed to picking it apart for entertainment or to find flaw in the person behind it.

We also need to distinguish how gender plays a part in things, which also include families, family law, public policy, finance, etc. A gender bias is different than gendered statistics. And while the law is "gender bias free" the practicing of law is clearly not. This is not subjective, rather this is absolute. Perhaps Karmaseeker could have teased this out and articulated it more clearly in her letter to Trudeau but I did get the message that she was trying to convey regardless.

From a feminist perspective I believe that the family law system is flawed. More specifically it pits the female mother against the male father from the outset, as it is predominantly the mother's who have taken the professional career hit by virtue of having the children. If mom stays at home for any length of time to care for children after birth, it widens the gap professionally and further contributes to the war of custody, access and support.

Did you also know that many employers subconsciously or consciously view a working woman of child bearing years "as pregnant" given they COULD get pregnant? This view in turn negatively impacts their career as often they are discounted professionally, which helps to explain the glass ceiling/staircase that so many women face?

I don't pretend to know the right answers but there are issues that are deeply engrained by gender within the court system, family law and public policy. As an academic I have studied these and done considerable academic (peer reviewed) articles. I am also the author of peer reviewed articles that lend to Karmaseeker's original post.

Kudos to you Karmaseeker! I think your letter was well done!
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