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Why does society genderize the issue with garbage about dead beat dads?

If a man is a "dead beat" regardless of truth or circumstance society goes tsk tsk. If a women abuses that courts to seek revenge through financially ruining her ex... society goes ... that's garbage?

Can't have it both ways!!

If you can not open you mind to the possibility that not all women are wonderful and that not all men are not, you would focus on the actually issues regarding the Federal Guidelines and how they devastate families instead of focusing on my wording. But, I imagine the real reason you don't like what I am saying is because you want $ and I am purposing ways to reduce and actually equalize households.

Statistically the majority of payors are men so the issue is already genderized. Otherwise there would be just as many men awarded with sole custody, or even given equal custody but there simply are not. Therefore, statistics prove a gender bias and gender does indeed play a large role in family court and to deny it is to simply deny numbers.

I as a women would never dream of dragging my ex through court to ruin his life or try to screw him financially and because of that we have a well adjusted child. But most women that I have seen are not me and that certainly holds true for what I have witnessed first hand.

5 years my partner has been dragged through family court. For what? Money and absolute power. If that is not malicious I don't know what is.
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