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What would you like me to cite? The family Guidelines? Or the countless statistics of children's issues that come from acrimonious split family homes? Or the psychological truth about Parent Alienation? "Malicious Mother syndrome" is as real as "Dead beat dad" which people fling about as a cultural norm.

You may not choose to agree with me and that is your prerogative but until you have walked a mile in my shoes you have little knowledge of the devastation a vindictive woman can do in a court if she so chooses. And I would hazard a guess that many payors (men or women) would agree the guidelines are unjust.

And as for Mr. Trudeau, he is a political leader platforming on the issue of debt and the middle class so to argue that his personal upbringing makes him unqualified for the job is just ignorant. Do I trust he is going to do something? No. But hell if I'm not going to use a politicians posturing for votes as an opportunity to address my concerns.

And btw, I am a woman! But by your reasoning that would make me unqualified to understand the plight of a father.

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