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How do you answer request for admits that contain compound sentences? i.e. "Susie went to the store on 31 March and bought a new car". If only part of it is true, do you just say false and state reason "not true" in the form?
Statement not accurate.

If you want to admit parts of statements or to correct statements:

Statement not accurate. Please see line xx of applicant/ respondent's Request to Admit dated and put the correct statement in yours.

A lot of the facts are subjective, i.e. Susie was ecstatic that your wife called your mother.
Applicant/ respondent not qualified to comment on state of mind of Susie

Some are about third parties within the household, but seem to be irrelevant and personal in nature, i.e, Susie failed grade 2 (Susie is not a child of the marriage but a step child).
Email the other parent, if they do not consent, use that as reason.

No legal consent given to applicant/ respondent to release of information regarding Susie..

Keep your email as back up for your reason.