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Do you how your argument can easily be turned around. This is why your argument doesn't hold any water.
Except that a woman can't take off from a pregnancy she didn't want from sex. She has to deal with it.

I've known girls and women who've had abortions...despite the nonsense on this thread...I've never heard it described as a frivolously considered, easy process. It has been described to me as heart-wrenching, emotionally and physically trying experience that often stays with the person for a lifetime after its completed.

I've also given birth to children...and I can assure you that that isn't an easy process either and changes a woman's emotionally and physical state permanently.

Women always bear the responsibility in making a dumb decision to have casual sex resulting in pregnancy. Men only have to deal with it if the woman chooses not to have an abortion. If you choose to have casual sex...male or are incurring a risk.

The same goes with a lot of irresponsible can have immediate, lifetime consequences...i.e. drinking/texting while driving. If you kill someone while doing it, you can't go say..."oh, I was just trying to text and it wasn't my intention to kill anyone therefore I don't deserve any penalty associated with what I did". Behaviors have consequences....tough crap.
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