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@ Serene - I was going to mention one thing about the concerns with email threading and how in can become confusing for others to follow.

The requests are being used to simply get the documents admitted into your evidence binder. You don't have to necessarily ask the judge to read the entire emails and understand from that what is going on.

Instead, you may use an affidavit (or testimony) to explain the scenario around the relevant facts in the email, and quote from the email. The material you quote from has to be in that binder for all parties to reference. So you do have quite a bit of control in how the information is organized and presented to the judge.

More than anything - your time in court will be about how well your/ their evidence is presented. Their request to admit may not make sense entirely, but remember it is being used only to introduce the raw materials, to later be used to support/ back up their statements. If anything is incomplete or unclear, refuse to admit based on that, and ask for better versions.

In my case, I am using timelines to help explain relationships between when emails were sent/ received/ cas calls/ police/ telephone calls, etc. - to help clearly establish critical relationships between events. In my case, the action/ reaction scenario with the ex is a relevant pattern I need to point out. The evidence I reference in these timelines has to all be in my book(s) of evidence. To look at each piece individually, it may not seem entirely relevant, but when carefully assembled for a judge, I think it will be entirely clear.