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We were served them in a Request to Admit. The other party obviously provided them to their lawyer and they were served to us to authenticate.

In fact, the entire form is a little bit wanky. You are supposed to describe each document and identify it by date, type of document, auther, name of person to whom it was sent, etc. The just put that it was an email, its date and the subject line if any.

In fact, we can't even make sense of the request to admit. It is very poorly done. Some of the descriptions of the emails are not clear as it says emails between XX and YY on such and such a date, and yet there is clearly emails between other people in there that are blacked out within the thread. So even the description itself is wrong. This causes us concern as there are a lot of games being played on the other side and we are worried about authenticating these, especially given all the above information.