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Default Technical Question re: Authenticating Emails

If provided a request to admit to authenticate emails, how or what would you do if the emails that you were provided have large parts blacked out? It appears as though some of the email thread was shared with other recipients, and contents those contents, names, etc. are blacked out.

Some emails do not even include us as they were sent between the other party and another individual. So how do we authenticate an email that we never even were part of or received? I guess we could go to that person and ask but I don't think that is appropriate given we've never even seen it.

Lastly, almost every email has hand written comments on them from the other part. The comments say things that are supposed to establish blame, responsibility of certain actions or inactions. For instance, hand written comments on an email could say "he never responded" or "actually he never even showed up for his access"...

The issue is that the request to admit form says "where the document claims to be a copy of a letter, fax, electronic-mail message or OTHER document ordinarily sent form one person to another, that it was sent AS IT APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN SENT AND RECEIVED by the person to whom it was addressed". So I'm concerned that if we authenticate the emails with the hand writing on them then we could be agreeing to the handwritten notes as well?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.