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My situation was that the ex had about a dozen friends and three trucks remove her property along with matrimonial assets, furniture, appliances and electronics when I was not home. I had returned to a half empty, unarmed (alarm off) home with the patio door wide open. Waited for the police to arrive and I had not entered the home due to firearms that were in the household and there was no way to prove the security of the home, between the time the ex left and the time that I had arrived. Went in with the officers and we went through the house checking the lockers etc. and on the way out they said to change the locks in the morning.

I would document the joint assets taken and the ones that remain along with securing the home to yourself to also protect your property obtained after separation. If there is of any value of the material taken, you do not want her to deny taking this and to have all of it put on you during the settlement. If she wants to re-enter the home and if you do not have exclusive possession, you can not deny her access even if you change the locks. My ex denied removing property, despite numerous witnesses and a police report. She also tried to claim that I had kicked her out and changed the locks denying her shelter during the separation. So deal with it accordingly and document it!

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