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Originally Posted by FrustratedPartner View Post
Hi: we had OCL in for their observance of our family recently. She interviewed me and my partner for 1 hour each. There is soooooo much I forgot to mention during the interview but all of it is in the court documents she was given.

My question is this: do the OCL investigators do a thorough reading of the court documents? When we were interviewing I made reference to them and she said she hadn't reviewed them yet, which came as a surprise.

Also, is it worthwhile to call her up and let her know something really important we forgot to mention in the interview?

Assessors are only given roughly 20 hours to conduct a family assessment.
It's no through, it doesn't look under the skin.
Generally from the reports I have from the people on here who have shared privately and those I have helped. The report is simply a restatement of what the parents say about each other.
Slanted in one direction or the other.
In my case a 50/50 fully involved father, being recommended to have 38% and sole custody to mom.
Mom's accusations written as if they were true, and my concerns dismissed.
Mom's negative behaviour understood and in someways accepted and justified all biased on lies.
My positive behaviour understated. My questioning of procedure and process interpreted as controlling.
My "requests" for information, turned into "demands" and threats of court action.
At the end of the day the judge didn't even mention the OCL recommendations in the reasons for his judgement. Thats how little weight he gave to them.
I will say one thing, the only semi neural part of the recommendations were the observations. She didn't have a problem with my parenting.
That said she still sided with mom.
And actually condoned mom withholding the children.