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Originally Posted by FrustratedPartner View Post
My question is this: do the OCL investigators do a thorough reading of the court documents? When we were interviewing I made reference to them and she said she hadn't reviewed them yet, which came as a surprise.

Don't expect the OCL to be knowledgeable of your case or to take it upon themselves to try to see your point of view. Firstly, they are most likely swamped and involved in other cases. Second, they are supposed to represent the children's voice and they don't really care about you in some fundamental ways.

As is the case I think mostly in life, you're your own best supporter so if you think something is important, let the OCL know.

Originally Posted by FrustratedPartner View Post
Also, is it worthwhile to call her up and let her know something really important we forgot to mention in the interview?
In my case there were some very, very objectionable accusations brought to the OCL's attention and I emailed them to say that my perspective was available and forthright if they so needed, but honestly I don't think they cared or that it mattered as my feedback was not sought.

Depends though maybe on what you forgot?

On a side note, being the new partner of someone going through family disputes is tough, but can make you a stronger couple. I wish you all the best.