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Originally Posted by Harold Callahan View Post
Hi all, quick question and let me know if I should post elsewhere..

went to firts settlement conference and felt like I was getting railroaded by the OCL agent and found her to be quite hostile. She only read off her notes from the one disclosure meeting, had another meeting with my son after that disclosure meeting which I was not aware of? (standard?)

anyhow - can my son ask for a new agent if this one is not helpful?


I should also add that my son told the OCL agent that his mother threatened to leave him here and move back to her home country if he told the lawyer he wanted 50/50 access. My son has not asked for 50/50 access and as a result the OCL agent has recommeded against it. My son and I have been enjoying this 50/50 arrangment for over a year now. How do get the OCL lawyer to take this seriously..