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I should add to my comment above that I face (2) difficulties:

(1) In using ex's Affidavit at any point, you suggest i refer to the continuing record
....However ex's lawyer has brought on a new Application and the issue of file# buffles my mind (@issue? Application is to prevent plans to relocate)

The Application currently has no file# BUT ex's lawyer has gone ahead to switch status and refer to their client as Applicant and me, as Respondent)
I have to play along? Any known "Case law or info to set facts straight?

Obviously we has a history in court. The Continuing Record served on me now with case conf brief is rather blank....
how do i refer to the record if i choose to use old affidavits?

(2) In responding to the above materials i do my case conf brief (date is set) AND
- do i use Form 10? Is Form 10 a SWORN document?
- Does case conference stage and its materials require a Factum? - Between CASE C.BRIEF and FORM 10, which carries more weight in decision before the judge?

(I don't expect the meeting to work and be resolved in the corridors - i wish)

Thank you, in limbo