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Unhappy Assigning New File # to a case, or not?...Impications?

Thank you both for your reply to me in regards to how to use Ex's Affidavit.

As mentioned before, I had to respond to an Emergency motion brought against me (2 weeks later we returned and the matter was to be dealt with such that Ex should bring an Application).

I have been served with the Application (which holds no file #). It appears:

(1) it is not known whether the Application should carry my old Application# or whether Ex should have their Application carry a new #. There is a judges endorsment of sort that came with the application saying that this issue of File # shall be decided during Case Conference?

Why, is there a catch? I feel the lawyer for ex must know something I don't

Does anyone know of the implications of either scenario (having new Application by Ex carry my file# used once to bring my application OR have Ex do the Application with a new file# ?

Please help!!!!
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