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I do believe the churches should be held to a higher standard. I don't need to "change my religion" as I believe in God who leads me every step of the way. God has given me the peace that passes all understanding. I feel very blessed.

After all these years of abuse, I am feeling a joy that transcends all the pain I have suffered for decades.

You have a completely false idea of "religion." Some of the biggest hypocrites are in churches. The church doesn't define my "religion". God does.

Of course people in churches are fallible. We all are.

Unfortunately, abuse, especially the violent , physical kind, arouses many bitter and hateful feelings in this forum. Abuse is also something many people would like to see swept under the rug. It's not sexy like adultery or arguing with your ex-spouse. Also "religion" pushes many peoples' buttons too. So I will not be commenting on this thread any further. I have made my point.

End of story.