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Originally Posted by caranna View Post
I wish I knew how to remedy the situation. In my case, I hid my husbands' beating and stayed inside the house, never going anywhere, until the bruises were healed. I took almost 2 weeks. He beat me on the face.

About the churches: I don 't mean all the churches protect the abuser. Some actually help the victim. But too often the abuser appears to be a God-fearing, charming man-in most cases. Many people in the church believe the lie that the woman should take whatever the "head of the household" dishes out, including the abuse. Awful.
You suggest churches should be held to some higher standard but it seems to me that you forget churches are populated with fallible people.

Are you not fallible? I am. It is vogue to attack religion but religion without people is not fallible.

I think it is inappropriate to suggest many people in the church believe the lie the woman should take whatever....

If that is your experience it is time to get a new religion.