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with regard to admits Form 22 and Info Form 20.....I've sent lots of them and filed them with a 6B (remember it's not serve and serve, do a 6B then file) and a affidavit (form 14) 1)swear, serve it, 6B, file it.....Now instead of confusing everything I'm just basically going to do what Family Law Rules 23 says....make a Trial Record (what I think it is...modified continuing record form. Cut and paste Trial Record in Continuing record spot) and add the Application and Answer...and see if I can file it(I won't serve it till it's rejected by the Court Clerks. They reject everything I once I correct my mistakes...I'll serve and file. This is a trial the best way to get evidence,,is questioning ur ex on the stand...and I'm going to try to turn exhibits into evidence at the trial....if I can figure out how to add affidavits from cont. rec I'd love to are my two other problems...filing my written opening statement somewhere I read you do it just before trial I assume 7 days but where? and updating the financial statement but where before trial...the trial record or continuing record for this stuff....sheesht right now K.I.S.S keep it simple stupid applies
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