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Default A final guide: Organizing your continuing record

what gives what's the big secret on making a Trial Record...if you know a little or a lot please add to this thread. Thank-you

1) Cover sheet....Index

(Tab)? any colour? 3 hole ..or no tab?

2)Application...the original one...even with all the attachments?


3)Reply....same thing do you just copy it all and include it


4) agreed that based on expired Admit Form 22...or affidavit of doc's or both?


5) Updated financial you do a form 13 and file it here does 6b go in here too?

Back sheet....any specific colour....

I asked for a written opening statement...where does that I make an affidavit and include it somewhere in the index?

book of of evidence....where do these things you just bring them to court?.
How about questions for ex you have to show anyone the questions?

No I don't want to waste 10-20 thousand dollars on a lawyer to file forms....I'll pay the ex the cash if I lose at least some will go to the kids not the lawyers Porsche
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