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Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
I hate being pessimistic but I really don't see how you can prove that your mental illness was caused by your ex. Talk to your lawyer and do a lot of research.

Also feel free to write about it here. My very first post here was I HAVE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. Its a taboo subject but I don't hide it, I deal with it. No one will judge you.
From my understanding of tort law, I don't think you need to "prove" a wrong.

About being judged: It is not about depression or anxiety, which is nothing to be ashamed of if you have it. The judging I have cautioned about is not to blame the victim.

I also doubt I will be awarded damages in a tort suit, but it is worthwhile considering, even though I'm principally seeking costs awarded for the counselling I require as a result of the abuse suffered.
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