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Thanks frustrated and hadenough. I have had very disturbing flashbacks for quite awhile, and a myriad of other physical and emotional symptoms that indicate PTSD. I have thought of Yoga, have never really tried it.

I'm also really into healthful living, like eating right, which helps a lot in managing my symptoms. The thing is though these symptoms can subside for a little while and then come back in huge waves.

This is a message for those who are being abused and Hiding It:

Don't wait any longer. Recognize the abuse for what it is. Don't be blinded as I was. Report it, get it out and keep telling people. Shout it from the rooftops if you feel safe to do so...that abuse is never, ever to be tolerated! Never! Sound like a broken record!

If you don't feel safe, of course you need to protect yourself and any children you might have. You need to let the police know, especially if you are being physically abused and/or threatened. Call the shelter if you need to. Let your family and friends know...the ones you can trust.
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