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Originally Posted by oink View Post
(2) Is it possible to add exhibits to already submitted court filed papers that has one exhibit in it?
No it is not oink. You can do one of two things. Keep a list/table of exhibits you've already entered under what affidavit/motion/tab etc. You can then cross reference back to that exhibit in later documents. Judges might not like to have to thumb backwards though. A better way about it (and I saw my lawyer do this) is put in the document as a new exhibit with the added documentation. Even though you're not supposed to put in exhibits already in the continueing record I think it is overlooked to save time in whatever motion is at hand.

As well you can have a number of different documents as a single exhibit. You'd have a blank paper listed as exhibit "A" with several medical records for example. You could list the documents on the first page so the judge knows what he is looking at. Only the First page would need to be notorized as well saving time.

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