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Default Claim only what is paid or what is billed?

A bit of a different take on this. I know I can claim my legal expenses for establishing child support. I paid a retainer in later 2011 but wasn't billed for most of the services related to that retainer until 2012. I also received a bill for services provided in 2012 that I didn't pay until early 2013. So, can I claim only what I PAID in 2012 or for the services that I was billed?

Similarly, I understand that if I am awarded costs (trial in April) that I'll need to include that as income in my next taxes. But do I actually have to receive the costs from my ex before I need to include it? For example, if I'm awarded costs as $10,000 but don't ever see a dime from my ex, do I still have to include it as income in subsequent years taxes or only include as receive (e.g. $1000 received in 2013, $1000 in 2014 etc)? Thanks for any help!
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