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Yes you should be a contact, but requesting you be an emergency contact is not necessary, in my opinion. In the event of an emergency, the day care, school, whatever, needs someone to contact that can be there right away. Unfortunately, being just a contact you may not get contacted right away when something happens, as I doubt the day care/school is going to start calling a list of people if something happens. They are going to call the first contact, failing that, the emergency contact. Even if you were listed as an emergency contact, if something happened and they got a hold of the first contact (mom), they are not going to call the emergency contact.

I think in this situation, the best you can hope for is that Mom will contact you. You are making assumptions that she won't, but in times of need she may. Heck, when my bf's ex was in a car accident (the children were NOT involved), the first one she called was him, before police, emergency, anyone, she called HIM to let him know she may not be able to pick the kids up from the sitters and asked that he do it. Trust me, they do not have the most civil relationship and while she does not always disclose information pertaining to the children, in times of need she will.